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Baby Ready
Parenting Intensive for Couples

Get Ready for Baby by Strengthening Your Relationship

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A Time of Great Anticipation

We prepare for baby's arrival in so many ways. We create a registry, we decorate their room, we research everything we can about how to care for them, but we often don't think about the ways that our family system will change and how our relationship with our significant other will be affected.

Additionally, many couples don't consider how differences in their families of origin will impact their co-parenting of a child.  Doing some work now, as a couple, to plan how you will manage this new transition will make your baby's arrival even more joyous.

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The Baby Ready program is a four week intensive program designed to: 

1. Strengthen your relationship as a couple

2. Explore how differences in your family backgrounds may impact your parenting styles

3. Plan how you will function together as a united front when baby arrives

4. Plan ways to ensure a lasting bond and maintain intimacy as you enter this major transition

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Who is the Baby Ready Program for?

Couples who are currently expecting

Couples who have recently welcomed their first child

Couples who currently experience minimal conflict in their relationship

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What does the Baby Ready program include?

The program includes four weekly sessions. The first week we will meet for two hours as we will have a lot to cover. The final three sessions will be one hour and 20 minutes. After the birth of your baby, you are able to come back for a fifth follow up session at your leisure (usually within the first three months). This will allow us to address any concerns you may have and to reinforce the work you have accomplished. You will also have access to me by phone should you need support along the way.

The total cost of the program is $1400.00.
50% is due at time of scheduling the first weekly session. The final 50% is due the third week. Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card or HSA.

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