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Here for Your Unique Needs


Individual Therapy

Find Balance in Your Life

I understand that finding the right therapist can be an emotionally taxing process. Many of my clients have commented on how quickly they felt able to connect with me and to be open about their concerns. I do not judge the choices of my clients. My role is to help you lay everything out on the table and explore your unique situation. We will work together as a team. You are the expert on yourself. I bring my education, experience and skills to help us formulate the best plan to move you forward.

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Couples Therapy

Help Along Your Path

No relationship is perfect and every path is different. No matter how strong of a couple you are, there will be times when you could use some perspective. Couples find this to be true especially in times of transition. Whether you are a newly established couple or have been together for many years, I will help you to explore your relationship, what works, and what is interfering with your happiness. I focus on your strengths and what brought you together initially as well as how your differing backgrounds may impact your life together. We will partner to better understand the root causes of your concerns and work toward your goals as a couple. Pre-marital therapy and mediation services for separation and divorce are also offered.

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Executive Coaching

Achieve Your Full Potential

Whether you are already a manager or an executive, or looking to develop leadership skills to move up the ladder, I will help you to understand your leadership style and help you to improve the effectiveness of your interactions with others. We will work together to fine tune your approach with others and to plan your career.

Business Team

Organizational Consulting

Balance the Needs of Your Business, Employees and Stakeholders

There comes a time in the life of every organization where a fresh perspective can be beneficial. It is easy to lose sight of a piece of the equation when balancing the needs of the organization. You must remain profitable, satisfy your customers and stakeholders, and you must retain employees. I will help you to understand areas in need of adjustment by providing a comprehensive organizational assessment. Together, we will work on specific goals to increase employee satisfaction, increase stakeholder engagement and decrease costs involved with employee burnout and turnover.

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Supervision, Case Consultation and Therapy for Therapists

Services for Mental Health Practitioners

Whether you are in need of supervision toward licensure, consultation and support with ongoing cases or therapy to help ensure that you are taking care of your own needs, I will provide a safe place for you to explore and grow while offering you the support and encouragement you need.


Psychological Testing and Evaluations

Assessments to Inform Treatment and Identify Client Needs

I offer complete diagnostic evaluations and testing to diagnose, to inform best treatment approach and to help clients understand ways to improve their functioning at work or school and in relationships.

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